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Restorative Cosmetic Fillings Near Burnside

Bacteria and acids naturally produced in the oral cavity, if left unattended without constant hygienic touch ups, may result in a hole! These holes are called cavities or caries.

Are you insecure about how your teeth looks? Consider getting a cosmetic restorative filling. Parkwood Green Dental is one of the leading dental care centres Near Burnside.

We offer a comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental service that can give you various benefits which you will notreceive from other dental care service providers in and around Melbourne city.

Cosmetic or Restorative Dentistry: What’s Better for You?

While cosmetic and restorative dentistry utilise the same procedures and materials, there’s a subtle difference that’s always good to know.

If the procedure is primarily meant for treating a disease it’s called restorative. On the other hand, if the procedure is elective and not urgent or a medical necessity it‘s considered cosmetic.

Restorative procedures mainly deal with repairing or replacing your tooth while cosmetic procedures help enhance your smile and self-image. Examples of restorative treatment include fillings, bridges, dentures, crowns, and inlays. Likewise cosmetic treatment examples include veneers, braces, and teeth whitening.

Not sure what’s best for you? Let our highly experienced dentists at Parkwood Green Dental help. We’ll assist you with the right procedures and cosmetic restorative fillings Near Burnside. Book an appointment to get started today.

Why Do Cosmetic or Restorative Dental Treatment?

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can not only fix your teeth and keep your mouth healthy but also boost your self esteem. Most importantly, it will bring a smile you can always be proud to show off. They also prevent any complicated dental issues from arising in the future.

If you always shied away from smiling then not anymore. With us you can always feel confident and happy to live a successful life with cosmetic restorative fillings at our Burnside clinic.

The Specialty of Our Cosmetic Restorative Fillings

In general, the presence of bacteria and other acids developing in the oral cavity can damage your teeth. If the damage is not properly treated, it can cause a hole or an infection in the tooth, which might lead to a tooth extraction or even tooth replacement. At Parkwood Green Dental, we offer the finest and most effective cosmetic restorative services along with dental filling procedures at an affordable cost.

    • Our experienced dentists have vast knowledge in handling various cosmetic dental procedures
    • Our quality cosmetic restorative fillings will bring back your natural smile
    • You’ll receive affordable dental care service Near Burnside

Apart from the above-listed specialties, our cosmetic restorative dental service also gives you many aesthetical and functional benefits.

Dental Restoration

Depending upon the individual’s oral condition, our dentists will suggest restorative methods after analysing the oral health of the patient thoroughly. We provide both direct and indirect method of dental restoration service,depending on the patient’s need.

  • Direct Restoration:  In this type of dental restoration, our dentists will analyse your oral issues and suggest suitable dental filling options depending upon your cavity and cavity location.
  • Indirect Dental Restoration: In this type of dental restoration, our dentist will provide custom dental replacement either by using dental crowns, veneers, or inlays.

To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry or dental restoration services, feel free to get in touch by dialling (03) 9449 4100.


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