What Parkwood Green Dental is doing to protect you from COVID-19:


What Parkwood Green Dental is doing to protect you from COVID-19:

We would like to reassure you that the team at Parkwood Green Dental is always proud of its commitment to, and enforcement of, the highest standards of infection control and hygiene.
We are continuing to practice a range of preventative measures designed to eliminate any infection risk to our patients. These include our normal infection control, hygiene and sanitation practices to ensure best practice compliance with health standards, as well as additional measures. We have listed some of these measures below for your assurance.

Routine Hygiene Practice:

As a dental practice, our clinic maintains the highest standard of infection control on a permanent basis. Specifically:
  • For years we have maintained infection control standards appropriate for managing the transmission of viral infections.
  • As part of our standard routines we practise universal infection control, including sterilisation of all instruments, clean-down of clinical areas between all patients, and staff use of personal protective equipment that includes gloves and masks.
  • At this time, we have also introduced additional cleaning schedules for our non-clinical areas – reception, counters, doors and handrails.

The following proactive steps to protect the health and welfare of all our patients and staff while the pandemic persists are also in place.

Social Isolation

  • From around mid-February, in advance of the Australian Government’s recent enforcement of 14-day isolation for all overseas travellers to Australia, we imposed on a case-by-case basis, a period of quarantine before any personnel who were returning from high-risk areas were permitted to attend work at the clinic.
  • We also rescheduled appointments for patients who had travelled from these areas. In our standard appointment reminder text messages to patients, we asked that they call the clinic and let us know if they had been travelling overseas in the past 14 days. We also utilise staggered start times to our appointment scheduling in order to limit patient contact when you attend the practice.
  • We are vigilant in rescheduling at least 14 days ahead all patients who advise us they have even minor cold symptoms.

Staff Health Monitoring

  • Our staff will be undergoing temperature checks and monitoring of any related symptoms throughout the working day at our practice.

What we will ask of you:

We will ask that all patients with existing appointments, and those who seek to make new appointments, let us know if they are unwell, and to stay at home to rest and recover. Patients are reminded to observe government recommendations with respect to hand washing and personal hygiene, self-isolation and social distancing practices.

To further protect you and our staff, we are adopting the following additional measures requiring your co-operation:

  • Limiting the number of people in our waiting areas. Please bring no more than one person to your appointment with you. Additional companions may be asked to wait outside the clinic to maximise social distancing measures.
  • Taking the clinical history of every patient before their treatment begins. We may also request that your temperature be taken before your treatment begins.

To date, there have been no reports of any kind of respiratory infection or virus concerning any staff member of Parkwood Green Dental. This is partly because our clinical team identified an ethical obligation to start social distancing and self-isolation where possible early in the emergence of COVID-19.
It is our priority to continue to provide you with the dental services that you need and are entitled to without delay and in safe conditions.

Parkwood Green Dental Community:

With your trust and continued loyalty, we will continue to function during the COVID-19 pandemic, subject to any restrictions or lockdowns. This will ensure that your dentist and your dental practice, Parkwood Green Dental, survives into the future and, with your continued support, that our staff remain gainfully employed, and our wider community and economy are sustained through this difficult period.

We look forward to continuing to service you.

With very best wishes,

The Team at Parkwood Green Dental

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