A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. They are recommended in cases where removable dentures or dental implants may not be suitable. Dental bridges consist of an artificial tooth attached to a crown on the natural tooth on each side of the gap.

Bridge treatments usually require two visits. The initial appointment will consist of crown preparations on the teeth on either side of the gap, an impression is taken and either a temporary bridge or two temporary crowns will be fitted. The impression will be sent to the laboratory where the bridge will be made.

At the next appointment, the temporary restorations are removed and the permanent bridge is cemented into place. Slight adjustment may be required at this point.

Metal-Porcelain Bridges

Metal-porcelain bridges are the most common type of bridge used today. They are made of porcelain with an underlying metal substructure. This allows for the restoration to have strength and be aesthetically pleasing.

Full Porcelain Bridges

Full porcelain bridges are the more aesthetic option and are the result of newer technology. They are able to very closely mimic the natural shadings of the tooth.

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