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It’s difficult to believe the impact that properly fitted dentures can have on your health, your appearance and your confidence.

If you have a set of missing teeth, opting for dentures is a suitable choice. A denture can be defined as an artificial tooth or set of teeth placed in your mouth, as a replacement to your lost or removed natural teeth. Schedule an appointment with Parkwood Green Dental today for partial dentures at an affordable cost.

What We Do?

We are the real experts when it comes to designing partial dentures. Our experienced dentists will do an in-depth analysis of the patient and will determine what kind of dentures suit them.
Our dentures are custom designed and fit well for all patients. We take special care to ensure that our denture blends in naturally with their existing teeth.

Types of Dentures We Do

We can provide both full and partial Dentures. We prefer a plastic or metal base framework, depending on the patient’s condition. In general, our dentists will suggest a plastic partial framework for an emergency or temporary replacement. Meanwhile, a metal framework is used as a permanent replacement and is in fact, the traditional design that restores the strength and rigidity offered by natural teeth.
To know more about our dental dentures, feel free to dial our customer care number (03) 9449 4100 or you can mail info@parkwoodgreendental.com.au.



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