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The human teeth are arranged in categories. You have the front teeth called the incisor teeth, the four canine teeth usually used for breaking down food and maybe opening those chocolate bars. Moving back, you have the premolar teeth, and right up to the back where you have the molar teeth. The last furthest back teeth that tend to grow between the ages of 16-25 are called the wisdom teeth. The inability to push out of the gum being disrupted by other teeth or just by the lack of space will cause pain, swelling and even infection. A small proportion of the population tend to temporarily treat this pain with alcohol, which tends to band-aid the problem but after some hours intensify and solidify the infection. Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne with a touch of excellence is what Parkwood Green Dental provides!

What sets Parkwood Green Dental apart is their certified dentists will explain and elaborate of wisdom teeth removal methods, enlightening our patient on any symptoms, pain or discomfort they might feel during or after the completion of the procedure. By utilising leading medical apparatus to make the incision and remove the underlying wisdom tooth and securing all around structures is what make Parkwood Green Dental stand out. We take full consideration to patient harmony and treat each case with the necessary respect and severity. Our exquisite staff members will make you feel at home and provide you with all the general insight prior to your wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removals Melbourne with reliability and accuracy are what Parkwood Green Dental offers to you. With the finest dental offices and dental specialists you are well on your way to making your wisdom teeth removal procedure a walk in the Park! Contact us today, for your insight in wisdom teeth removals Melbourne .

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