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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The human teeth are arranged in categories. You have the front teeth called the incisor teeth, the four canine teeth usually used for breaking down food and maybe opening those chocolate bars.

People tend to get their wisdom teeth during their late teenage years or in their twenties. For some people, these wisdom teeth are properly and healthily aligned.

In some cases, surgical removal might be required for removing the wisdom teeth for some people. At Parkwood Green Dental, we offer high-standard wisdom tooth removal services.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Parkwood Green Dental

Our dentists are highly experienced when it comes to removing wisdom teeth. A consultation and X-ray analysis will be carried before stepping into the wisdom teeth removal procedure at Parkwood Green Dental Clinic.
We prefer commencing theremoval procedure for our patients after giving local anaesthesia and exactly pinpointing the position of the particular tooth in the gum. When compared with the procedure and cost of the wisdom tooth removal in other dental clinics in Hillside, the tooth removal cost and other wisdom tooth relatedservices carried in Parkwood Green Dental is very affordable.

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Who Should Go for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  • People who suffer from pain
  • People facing issues like food trapped in wisdom tooth
  • People facing issues like infection, tooth decay, cyst development, and gum disease in their wisdom tooth
  • Wisdom teeth damaging nearby tooth

Well, our dentists will suggest you to undergo wisdom teeth removal during your routine oral check-ups or if you
start to face some serious oral issues.

Signs and Symptoms That Trigger the Necessity of Visiting Dentists

  • Difficulty in swallowing or breathing
  • Experiencing oral bleeding
  • Facing severe pain or fever or swelling and pus around your wisdom teeth
  • Experiencing bad taste in your mouth

To know more about the wisdom teeth removal and to book a consultationdial (03) 9449 4100.


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