Root Canal Treatment


The visible part of the tooth is not the only part of it! Root canal treatments involve the removal of bacteria and ease the infection in the underlying parts of the tooth. Root canal or endodontic therapy involves the decontamination of the infected tooth pulp. Each tooth has its own pulp and extends along the width of the tooth. The pulp is constituted by nerves, blood vessels and cellular entities, detrimental components to the health and fluidity of the mouth and not only. By having infected root canals, you are not only your tooth at risk but subsequent areas of your body. Parkwood Green Dental acquires state of the art root canal treatment procedures to ensure that your teeth are maintained in good condition without any infections.

By utilising state of the art techniques and medical apparatus, Parkwood Green Dental’s certified staff obtain the experience to exceed and perform root canal treatment procedures efficiently and minimising the discomfort for our patient. In brief, a root canal infection or damage to the pulp can occur from the following:

  • Untreated dental decay
  • Decay beneath a filling
  • Tooth damage due to trauma
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Gum disease

With the conditions mentioned above, bacteria flourish and permeate through into the root canal causing inflammation and discomfort. Our exquisite team of dentists here at Parkwood Green Dental are equipped with the necessary knowledge and obtain the fundamental skill set to perform root canal treatment effectively, every time! Whether you are in need of a dental check-up or have acquired a root canal infection, we will handle each case responsibly ensuring you get the results you deserve! Contact Parkwood Green Dental, today!

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