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Root Canal Treatment

The visible part of the tooth is not the only part of it! Root canal treatments involve the removal of bacteria and ease the infection in the underlying parts of the tooth.

At Parkwood Green Dental, we offer high-quality root canal treatment at affordable rates in Hillside. Our certified dentists at Parkwood Green Dental are highly experienced in handling complicated root canal treatment procedures while making our patients feel comfortable.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

In today’s world many might be well aware of this dental procedure. It is the procedure carried out by professional dental experts to remove the infected bulb or presence of bacteria in the root canal. A person who suffers from such issues will face a high amount of pain and the main intention of root canal treatment is to save the tooth, which is badly decayed or infected under its canal.

In general, people hesitate to undergo this dental procedure mainly because of root canal cost. However, we at Parkwood Green Dental offer quality root canal treatment at a reasonable rate.

How Root Canal Infection or Pulp Damage Occurs?

Well, the occurrence of the canal infection or damaged pulp is purely based on the individual’s oral condition. However, here are the lists of the common reason for such occurrence.

  • Untreated dental decay
  • Decay beneath a filling
  • Tooth damage due to trauma
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Gum disease

What We Do?

We use modern techniques and anesthesia while performing root canal treatment to ensure painless dental procedures for our patients. Our dentists will carefully remove the swollen or infected pulp and clean the tooth to ensure it is disinfected properly.

Our exquisite professional dental care team is highly trained and has all the adequate skills to perform effective root canal treatment at any time.

Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth by Our Root Canal Treatment
  • Pain-free root canal procedure
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective treatment
  • Visually appealing result after root canal treatment

Are you in need of effective dental care check-up or suffering from root canal infection? Feel free to contact our customer care unit and receive proper treatment.


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